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Double sided gas fireplace

The world of fireplaces is vast. With an incredible variety of options available to you when you first start looking into installing a fireplace in your home, it can be difficult to settle on one. And adding double-sided gas fireplaces (or inbuilt gas fireplaces as they’re sometimes called) to the list can complicate things. However, it doesn’t have to.

We hope that in providing you with more insight around the benefits of having a double-sided gas fireplace, you can make an informed decision about what you have installed in your home.

Why Go Double-Sided?

Double-sided gas fireplaces can be installed in homes relatively easily, and act as a means of heating two rooms at once. Typically, they’re built into walls that divide two rooms and placed strategically in a way that looks beautiful regardless of which of those two rooms you’re in. So, for example, you could have an inbuilt gas fireplace in your bedroom that’s adjacent to your living room, giving you access to the fireplace from both spaces, due to the doors on either side.

While many people believe that double-sided gas fireplaces are strictly modern looking and visually appealing, there is more to it than just their looks. Two other significant benefits to having a double-sided gas fireplace in your home are:

  • Ambience & Modern Aesthetics – The emotions that having a fire in your home brings about are undeniable. Additionally, their double-sided design, complete with glass doors and metal framework makes them look incredibly modern and helps them fit into newer homes that have been designed with modern architecture in mind.
  • Cost Saving – Another thing that’s worth mentioning regarding double-sided gas fireplaces is that because you’re installing one heater that heats two rooms at once, you’ll save money on the price of buying several heaters, along with saving costs on the gas that fuels them.

Ready to Make a Decision?

Whether you’re dead set on a double-sided gas fireplace or are still shopping around and investigating your options, the team at Fireplace Corner is ready and willing to help. We’ve specialised in the cost-effective installation of gas log fires in Perth since 2002 and are equipped to provide you with any advice you require before you commit to making a purchase. Give us a call today, and we’ll gladly assist you in warming your home.

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