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One effortless trick to guarantee a beautiful fireplace mantel.

What draws you in?

Whether you have a fireplace in your home or not, everyone can appreciate the impact they have on your living space. In the Winter months, they’re a source of warmth and ambience, where we can gather with family, tell stories or even just sit quietly. Beyond cold weather, they remain a key focal point in our living rooms, a space we can really leverage to develop your home’s aesthetic as well as reflect your personality. Plus they offer great value to your home!

What better time than just before Christmas to share a simple three-step trick that will help you make the most of this unique space in your home.


Clever play with layered elements on your fireplace mantel will lead your friends to ask why you haven’t considered a career in interior design. Working with different heights, shapes and textures will add depth and transform an empty space into a well put together, attention-grabbing and welcoming feature.

One effortless trick to guarantee a beautiful fireplace mantel. 1
Shows the Anchor (artwork), Weights (vases) and the Filler (round balls)

Step 1- The Anchor:

  • A large object
  • Becomes the central focal point
  • Is the tallest object in your setting


One effortless trick to guarantee a beautiful fireplace mantel. 2
Shows the Anchor (mirror) and the Weights (candles and flowers) with no Filler.

The Anchor should fill a large proportion of the wall but should also be in scale with the fireplace itself, adequately balancing out not only the width of the mantel, but also the fire box below. Great mantel anchors can include TV’s, artwork, mirrors or a large clock. The Anchor will act as the background of the mantel.

Step 2- The Weight:

  • Sits on opposing sides of The Anchor
  • Shouldn’t be identical mirror images
  • Is tall (but not taller than the height of The Anchor)


The weight adds visual width to your fireplace mantel. Avoid identical objects as this can feel sterile, also ensure they aren’t taller than your Anchor so that the space doesn’t appear crowded. Your weights could include family heirlooms, flowers, candles, vases or sculptures.

Step 3- The Filler:

  • Use varying heights and odd numbers
  • Place under the Anchor
  • Avoid too many horizontal lines


The filler is the final touch on your mantel, filling the space under your Anchor and between the weights. These objects should be smaller than the weights and pack some variety so that the space doesn’t feel too staged. If you’re choosing a set of items, try using odd numbers for a more casual feel. Also avoid large horizontal lines as this will take away from the lengthy proportion of the mantel.

Let all the elements overlap to create a cohesive and warm feel. Or, if you’re going for a minimalist aesthetic, try skipping fillers altogether.

One effortless trick to guarantee a beautiful fireplace mantel. 3
Modern décor fireplace mantle

The beauty of your fireplace mantel is the ease with which you can change up your style from season to season. With Christmas weeks away, test our tips and share the result with us, we’d love to see how you get on!

Or, if you don’t yet have this cosy corner in your own home, give us a call on (08) 9228 2600 or drop into our showroom at 277 Lord Street, Perth. We’re Perth’s fireplace specialists and we know your perfect mantel is waiting to meet you.

~ Leigh & Andre

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