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Slow Combustion Wood Heaters

Our Slow Combustion Wood Heaters Perth

Do you long for the sound of crackling burning wood in your home, but want a modern, sophisticated alternative to traditional wood fireplaces? Slow combustion wood heaters might be just the ticket to keeping your home warm in the winter months while adding the visual appeal that you’re looking for.

Aesthetically Pleasing Functionality

One of the best things about slow combustion wood heaters is the versatility of their design. If your home was designed to be more classic than it is modern, there’s no need to modernise your entire house just so your fireplace or heater looks like it belongs in the space. Slow combustion wood heaters come in three variations, each unique, beautiful, and offering their own benefits and stylistic flair. These options are:

  • Insert – As their name suggests, this variation of slow combustion heater can be installed flush with your walls, giving the room they’re in an undeniable modern flair. This also makes the wall they’re installed in a feature wall in your home, as it’s sure to garner lots of attention.
  • Freestanding – Often more compact than their counterparts, freestanding slow combustion heaters are ideal in homes where space is limited. However, if you’re on the market for something bigger, but still want the appeal of a freestanding fireplace, there are various sizes and styles available to you.
  • Double-Sided – Looking to create a signature look in your home while being cost savvy and heating two rooms at once? Double-sided heaters offer you this functionality, as they can be installed into walls that divide two rooms. Their double doors on either side make them accessible from either room they’re heating and make for an attractive décor choice.

There are a host of design options within the abovementioned categories for you to choose from when shopping with Fireplace Corner. We have a host of designs available from some of the world’s leading manufacturers of heaters. Therefore, you can find a heater that suits your taste and fits perfectly into the house you’ve worked so hard to make a home. You might find yourself asking, “who installs wood fireplaces in Perth?” Fireplace Corner of course!

The Benefits Speak for Themselves

Aside from their aesthetics, there are numerous other reasons why you should investigate the installation of a wood fireplace, aside from us keeping the cost of our offerings competitive. Some of these reasons include:

  • Cost Saving & Energy Efficiency – By using a wood fireplace, as opposed to a heater that uses electricity, you’ll be cutting your bill down quite significantly. This can end up saving you a lot of money during the colder months when electricity bills skyrocket.
  • The Ambience – There’s no denying the incredible feeling that having a wood fireplace in your home brings about. The crackling of the wood on a dark winter night, curled up on the couch watching a movie, or the ambient lighting it creates while entertaining guests at a dinner party are things that shouldn’t be overlooked or underrated.

Keeping You and Yours Warm

Fireplace Corner has specialised in providing excellent quality wood fire heaters in Perth at competitive prices since 2002. It’s the expertise we’ve honed and the customer service we provide that make us one of the best choices of fireplace installers. To find out more about the slow combustion wood heaters we have on offer or to get some friendly and professional advice, contact us today.

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