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Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces revolutionised home heating systems, with sophisticated warmth at the click of a button. Beyond the fact that they are extremely convenient and require little to no effort to initiate, modern gas fireplaces are an attractive feature of any contemporary home or office environment.

At Fireplace Corner, we specialise in the supply and installation of a wide variety of gas fireplaces in Perth. With years of dedicated experience in the industry, we go out of our way to source and stock the finest products on the Australian market, with direct access to manufacturers of the leading brands in remote control fireplaces. This means that you can generate instant heat without having to get up and start a fire, before getting up again later to add more wood – all before having to clean it up so that you can start the whole process again.

Today the balanced flue system is the most requested technology specified for gas fireplaces.

Catering to all your fireplace needs

Whether you’re looking for a wide selection of elegant glass panel fireplaces, or a free standing gas fireplace that doesn’t require lengthy installation, Fireplace Corner is your best bet in Western Australia. Not only do we stock the highest possible quality products that have served thousands of homes along the years, we have built an after-sales service that surpasses that of anyone in the fireplace industry. From specialist gas fireplace installation to personalised customer service, our team is dedicated to delivering an unmatched quality product and service to every single client we work with.

When it comes to interior design, built-in gas fireplaces add a sense of style to both the modern and traditional home. On top of this, gas allows for serious convenience in not having to clean up the ash left behind by traditional fireplaces. Instead, nothing has to be done except for switching the system on and off without having to move more than a finger.

Our range

We stock a complete range of styles and sizes covering three different brands of gas fires that can fit easily into any home. This includes the Universal Range of Jetmaster’s open gas fireplaces and a selection of elegant linear fireplaces from Horizon – manufactured in Brisbane. Our balanced flue Heat & Glo fireplaces make for an extremely healthy burn as it draws fresh air from outside, ensuring the air quality in the room is the best you can achieve from a gas fire. We stock the brand’s new range in a variety of designs that include the long low landscape look and the traditional fireplace with modern mantles – all our brands have single or double sided options. These can be operated with a multifunctional remote control, setting the standard for fireplace technology and design as we know it today.

Looking for a gas fireplace? Speak to one of our consultants today on (08) 9228 2600. Alternatively, leave us a message that details your requirements and someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible with a non-obligation quote and potential installation date.

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