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Fireplace Trends Bringing the Heat This Year

Fireplaces are more than just a way to stay toasty; they are also a prominent design element in any home. The forecasted fireplace design for 2023 is moving towards larger, minimalist structures with expansive viewing areas and soaring flames. Several 2022 fireplace trends, such as frameless, convertible and balanced flue-sealed gas fireplaces, which are indicative of high-quality modern design, will continue into 2023 too.

The use of dramatic, rising flames is a popular design element. Fireplace Corner can have your small, unimpressive flames replaced for a larger and more theatrical fireplace for 2023. 

While gas fireplaces have been at the forefront of contemporary décor, a return to more classic styling is also possible in 2023. The most common applications for traditional fireplace designs are in hotels and cottages that are going for a more relaxed, homey aesthetic. 

Having a fireplace offers several advantages, one of which is the ability to regulate the temperature in the room. Gas and wood-burning fireplaces are the most common option for boosting the heat of a room and if you’re looking to elevate the decor and design elements of a space, choosing an electric fireplace with Fireplace Corner is the way to go.

Gas Heating with a Flue

Trends for 2023 fireplaces include opting for a balanced flue gas heater. Not only do these present an effective alternative to traditional fireplaces,  they are also safe, convenient, economical, and healthier to have in your home or commercial building. These fireplaces can also enhance a minimalist design or become the focal point of a contemporary-styled room. 

Plenty of Room to View

Bigger-than-normal fireplace screens are expected to be a popular item on the market by 2023. Those with an affinity for the theatrical side of life may opt for more extravagant fireplaces with huge viewing areas. The large windows make the space feel more open and are also capable of providing unobstructed views in any direction.

Upgrading your hearth 

You may have both convenience and style with a fireplace that can be converted. The change from wood to gas (and gas to wood) can be easily accomplished by the Fireplace Corner team. 

Ready to follow the fireplace trends for 2023? Contact our team to select your favourite design or get in touch with us to ensure you receive only the best. 

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