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Warm Up Your Home with Fireplace Corner

Flickering Flames and Cosy Nights: Warm your home with Fireplace Corner

Craving the cosy ambience of a crackling fireplace in your living room? Look no further than Fireplace Corner – your go-to spot for all things fireplace in Australia. Get ready to turn up the heat and transform your home into a cosy haven that’ll make you want to snuggle up with a cup of cocoa.

Australian Manufacturing and Design

When it comes to making fireplaces, we Aussies know how to do it right! Kemlan Industries was established in 1969 and recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary as one of Australia’s longest running fireplace manufacturers. The Kemlan range of slow combustion wood heaters offer amazing design, functionality and efficient heating properties while our Jetmaster range, which was invented in 1950 and introduced to Australia in 1980, are not only warm and cosy but a beauty to look at. By choosing a fireplace from our Kemlan or Jetmaster range, you’re not only supporting a local business, you’re also getting a fireplace designed and built by a team of Australians who cares about what they’re making. From handpicking materials, custom construction work and little touches that add the final luxuries, our products are truly something special.

Safety first, always

We get it – safety is a big concern when it comes to fireplaces. That’s why we’ve got your back at Fireplace Corner. Our team of experts, including a registered gas plumber, are all about keeping you cosy and secure. We follow the strictest safety standards and certifications to ensure that your fireplace installation is as safe as it can be. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the warmth, knowing that we’ve taken care of all the safety nitty-gritty. Our main fireplace range, Heat & Glo gas fireplaces, are designed with balanced flues that provide ultimate safety and comfort.

Welcoming smiles

When you step into our showroom, get ready to be embraced by warmth – and we’re not just talking about the fireplaces! We go the extra mile at Fireplace Corner to create a friendly and inviting atmosphere. Our team comprises passionate fireplace enthusiasts who are genuinely excited to help you. They’ll guide you through the exciting journey of selecting and installing the perfect fireplace for your home. With their wealth of knowledge and infectious enthusiasm, you’ll feel right at home as they offer expert advice and assistance every step of the way.

Whether you’re looking for a wood, gas standalone or inbuilt fireplace, we have a wide range, including the Heat & Glo Gas Series, Horizon Gas Series, and Jetmaster models, all backed by our commitment to safety and quality. Stay warm, cosy and enjoy the comfort of your fireplace!

Fireplace Corner is Western Australia’s wood, gas and electric fireplace specialists. Contact our team or visit our showroom today. 


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